Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reasons not to Engage an Architect to Manage your Project

1.0  Architect’s don’t possess the skill set required to manage your

The architect is a very valuable member of the project design team.

The prime responsibility of the architect is to convert your brief into a functional and fully compliant design, which can be implemented by the builder within the established budget.

However as a general rule, the architect does not possess the specialized skills required to provide the following range of project management services:

·        Prepare an estimate of costs for the project
·        Prepare a project schedule
·        Manage the tendering process for the builder
·        Manage the construction process

2.0 Architect’s have a conflict of interest

In addition to these deficiencies, the architect has a conflict of interest whilst managing themselves during the preparation of the design documentation.

3.0 Architect’s are not Interested in managing your project

As a general rule, the architect’s passion lies with the preparation of design documentation, and not the management of the procurement and construction process.

4.0 What is the modern way?

Since the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the independent project management industry has replaced the architect as the project manager of choice for construction projects.

MJ Wood Management was formed in 2000, and has successfully delivered a diverse range of projects for a broad range of clients.

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